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ETP Plants incorporate recycling and reuse of the treated water. Effluent Treatment Plant Odour control; sludge treatment and disposal; and recycling and recovery are integral to our STP Plants Sewage Treatment Plant Wet scrubbers employ liquid solutions—typically water—to collect and remove water-soluble gas and particulate pollutants from industrial emissions. Air Pollution Control

Treatment Plants

Solid Waste Management

We believe that Solid Waste Management is a very crucial aspect of environmental care and hygiene.


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Liquid Waste Management

We design and commission efficient and cost-effective liquid waste treatment plants.


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Resource Recovery Plants

At VA Exergy Technologies we believe that resource recovery is best part of waste management.


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Air Pollution Control

VA ExergyTechnolgies is well experienced in the design, manufacture and commissioning of top of the range air pollution control equipment.


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Raw Water Treatment Plants

At VA Exergy Technologies India Limited we design well-regulated Raw Water Treatment Plants for effective removal of suspended and colloidal solids, silica and colloidal silica, iron and hardness.


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Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis Plant

We design and manufacture Drinking Water RO Plants that are simple in operation and equipped to withstand variations in feed water quality.


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We believe in resource recycling as a means to sustainable growth and a cleaner environment.

We are specializes in Environmental Management Systems. We provide a wide spectrum of services to Industries, IT Parks, Hospitals, Residential Schools, Colleges, Apartment Complexes and other organizations to help them manage their environmental ‘footprints’ and to foster healthy environmental practices in tune with global standards. We offer custom made and need specific solutions to the treatment and disposal of solid wastes, effluents and emissions. We provide holistic and comprehensive environmental management systems that help in streamlining operations, improve energy efficiency, enhance cost effectiveness and reduce adverse environmental impact.


We help our clients implement safe environmental practices that will ensure a greener world for our future generations.

Global Standards

Delivering international standard services for a quality managment system.

Proper Guidance

We provide proper guidance for the management system.

ISO Certified

VA Exergy is proud to announce that we have been awarded ISO 9001 certification.

Best Support

We deliver 24/7 customer support for our services.

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